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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I put 15+ miles on ole Blacky Roadmaster today, have to ride to a neighboring small town to pay my water bill, wind blowing like the dickens here out of the south so the ride there was a bit rough at times but on the way back it was really nice, wind to my tail the entire way.

Rode the Karaoke up the road today, first time it's been out in about 6 months, fired right up on the Opti2 and ran like a champ, Fired up the Moon Dawg Kaluna ran like a champ also, but I noticed I have lost a front mount screw so I shut her down until I get that replaced, may be tapping this one out for a 1/4 20, threads where a bit sloppy from the get go on this older case.

today is my only day off work this week so I didn't feel like and repairs today so that fix will have to wait until next week.

Really like the way that Dax RT Carb. is running on the Karaoke though, really nice.

Peace, Map
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