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Default Re: Where does this piece go?, it came from the gearbox or the clutch when I opened i

No nothing on the China Girls is left handed thread, the best thing to use for those hard to get out screws is an impact screwdriver that you hit with a hammer to jar the tight screws loose with, you can pick one up at Harbor Freight, Auto Zone Parts store, Home Depot, Lowes...ect. for fairly cheap.

Here is the one HF sells, $7.99

If that bevel gear is good and tight on the shaft it is probably OK, it's not uncommon in my experience for the gears to be offset a little and not line up with each other perfectly.

Hope this helps.

Peace, Map

Originally Posted by gavz82 View Post
is the retaining bolt for the bevel gear reverse threaded??
after the first ride i inspected the components&such,,& noticed the bevel gear set itself slightly crooked~untrue to the clutch gear. this has created a small hard start conndition,but it still runs like a raped ape. i have the new gear & woodruff key, Im just having a little trouble getting the screw out. any ideas?
thanX in advance
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