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Default frame help?

I have a frame I really want to use but I don't think it will handle what I want to do with it, I need some advise on that aspect. Here is some info on the frame, it's a banana bike frame from the 70's made of steel with 3/4 in tubing used in construction. I was wondering if you guys think it will hold together at 30+ mph? (definitely higher than 30) Another note is the engine will be no less than 7 hp and will probability be 10 hp with a variator for a trans set up. In short it will accelerate hard and also top out at a high speed too. With that kind of power I have doubts about the frame and the forks.

sorry forgot this part:
The forks are stock and some 16+ in in length and the taper from about 3/4 of an in. to about 1/2 in and are slightly oval not round. (factory)

Do you guys think monark forks will hold up to it too?

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