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Default bike build from scratch

I was going to get a kit but due to money, I will have to build my own, I am using a mountain bike and a snow blower motor, 3.5 house, it red lines at 9000 rpm. american made, that I all ready have, parts are easy to get.
I am using a centrifugal clutch, which is connected to a sprocket on the left side of the bike, it will have all the 15 speeds the bike has, but not at the same time.
high,low and lower range. I don't want to peddle the bike, because of my knee's.
so I will put on a foot peg on it.
The motor has a pull stater on it, but I will put a electric starter on it hook it to a small sprocket in back of the clutch on the motor shaft, which will be connected to the starter motor by a chain,. the starter freewheels with the chain till needed.
Also in the same fashion I am connecting a small generator to the bike for the starter and a full lighting system. in the end over time it will cost the same but will be better suited to my use.
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