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Lightbulb Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

If the stem is stuck (1" threaded quill stem, right?), hang your bike by the wheels, and spray PB Blaster penetrating lubricant down the steerer tube from the bottom. Wait an hour. Then put a wooden dowel down the steerer tube against the quill stem, and knock that sucker loose (after of course loosening the quill stem bolt). Then you have a free hand to hold the handlebar for when the stem and bar come free.

Originally Posted by James912 View Post
Saturday, i put my new rear quick release axle on. Made sure i put some grease on 'em before i inserted them. Now My wheels runs silent once again. I also replaced my front tire and tube with a hybrid tire(street/mountainbike). I tried to loosen the hex bolt holding my handlebar in place to pull it up a bit and its frozen(not as in cold). It hasn't been moved in so long i'm gonna have to get some penetrating oil. I tried using a hammer just on the head and a very gentle tap on the sides of the handlebar stem in an attempt to jolt it loose. No avail... Both engines run good. Tonite, i'll solder the main jet shut on my china girl and drill it smaller...if i have a drill that small. The throttle on my staton doesn't want to release once i squeeze the trigger, it just stays where i let it go i have to manually pull it back out...Gotta figure that out as well. The cable may be dry in the sleave....
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