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Cool Holy cow, lube that thing!

Just put in some titanium allen bolts to replace the China Girl steel kit ones on the flywheel cover- M6 x 16mm- You can get 10 for about $10 on ebay.

So, like when I put in the sound dampeners, I put a little grease on the flywheel cogs, and a touch of 30 weight out of an oil can. Somebody had been talking about losing a crank bearing so I tried to squirt some oil behind the flywheel to the shaft, hoping to get some to drip down- the motors don't carry oil and are so clean otherwise and I don't think a little lube on it all will get to the plug-

anyway- like the first time, I was really impressed by the way it ran after- and TOTALLY a lot more quiet- more so than the first with the dampeners- cause I put even more lube I guess. It runs like GREASED LIGHTNING!

This HAS GOTTA be standard procedure outta the box if I ever get any new motors!

Ready to replace the jug- and will see what I can get some grease on from that angle. The66 is next.

the titanium is not a lot of weight dif, but they're all allen key and look clean, and I've lost cover screws before- now I've got extra!- so I'm gradually going to replace most of the steel bolts on the engine and back sprockets, gonna use two to replace exhaust studs. Theres 4 or 5 about 35mm long on the other side and motor mounts- a lot of heavy steel with phillips/ hybrid head- they'll all take the same allen key then,

already got alloy chainring bolts on the 3 piece cranks with titanium fixing bolts- possible brake center bolts and stem bolts- but in no hurry- could take a year. Starts to add up to a light bike though.

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