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Default Re: Springer Fork install ?

Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post

I have that tube you can have if those measurements work for you. Only difference in one I have is that it shows about 3 1/2" of threads instead of 4", but the overall tube length is 9 1/4" and from the race to the top is around 7 1/2". I did an OP Roller build which takes an even longer tube. This is the tube I had to use . BICYCLE SPRINGER FORK STEERING TUBE 8-1/2" CHROME NEW! - eBay (item 390295853448 end time Jul-06-11 17:23:19 PDT)
So I have the extra tube that I had to replace and you are welcome to have it for nothin if you want to PM me your address. I would be happy to drop it in the mail to you and since I live here in Illinois as shouldn't take you long to get it. Let me know.
YES!!!!! I knew if i dug deep enough into this forum i would find my answer!!!! I'm working on an OP Roller i was lucky enough to find at a walmart in town. Last one in stock had been on the shelf for 2 yrs+ so they marked it down to $79. Wanting to add a springer but knew that with the 7" Steering tube i was going to have to modify something. Now all that is left to decide is Classic Springer, or Bent springer...... I'm kinda going for the Old School lowrider look. (banana seat, HIGH back sissy bar, ape hangers.....)

Love this place!!! So many great ideas and information to be found here!!

Thank you Tango for this link!!!!!!
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