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Default Alrighty here I am :)

Well I actually posted already but then saw this so I will introduce myself. I have been thrust into the world of motorized bike by aquireing ( somewhat unintentionlly) two different 48 cc motors. I have th GRUBEE GT2 Skyhawk ( Kings Motor Bikes) and one from Bikeberry called the Flying Horse also 48 cc.

I bought a 3G Isla Vista bike for the builld and pretty much got everything together and just need to treat the inside of the gas tank with Kreem - hook it up and go. I could write/video a documentery on the pitfalls of installing this stuff already. I actually plan on doing a video on the different challenges I faced ( pretty clean install though) on this paticular bike.

I got here because I am having trouble seating the CNS carb to the motor and started a thread in 2 stroke forum looking for help. In the meantime I just used the other basic carb to move forward. Now that I am here I am soaking up all the great info from a few people here to give me a better understanding of the larger picture in terms of maintainance, break in and such... ( Thanks GearNut)

Look forward to being a part of the community!
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