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Default Electric start

Has anyone put an electric starter, IE: small ATV type starter, with a chain sprocket drive on it or modified to work with a pull starter drive. I know that there is a pull starter for there engines.
In saying this there would have to be a battery and a voltage limiter as well as a solenoid. these engines have a generator or magneto to run the coil, which could be used to charge the battery depending on the voltage and amps out.
I have seen this on ebay as a option, but I believe it would not be needed since
the engine already has it.
This would open the door to bigger and better lights etc. Also it is possible to use it with the chain drive. but the bike would need a rear stand, like the old whizzer had to start the engine.
Seems like a lot or work, but the benefits would be worth it not to mention the cool factor.
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