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Default Re: Tecumseh powered cruiser

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
Me too. Actualy, I have small machine shop, and I would like to lear more about this modification and learn to do my own. Please tell your friend that I will pay a generous price for drawings, pics or sketches and part numbers.
Thanks, Wayne
My buddy took a few months to duplicate the clutch mods because he did it while running his regular business. He says he will be making drawings, but I don't expect anything soon. So, I have another friend working on them. You may have to buy one and reverse engineer it yourself. The parts for the conversion are well over $100, and you know how expensive labor is. He's talking at an initial offering of between $300 and $400 each. Sounds like a lot, but consider the only other choice is a late Whizzer auto clutch that Quenton has to modify and upgrade starting at $125 for his work. With the price of the clutch and his mods, you're looking at around the same or more expense, and the whizzer clutches are about twice the size. When I get a chance, I'll post a photo of both clutches for comparison. I bought one of the late Whizzer clutches and have not had it worked on yet. I still plan to use it so I can compare the performance. I have the 3rd millennium clutch on four of my bikes starting about 6 years ago and the oldest one just shows modest wear to the drum. My race bike performed great at Willow and Grange without overheating. It had just the right amount of slippage and hooked up tight when needed. Also, Max Torque offers replacement drums, 4 different springs and 2 different weights for tuning. I'll keep you posted as we progress.
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