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Default Re: Electric = Motor.........Gasoline = Engine

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Map, Aleman, that up there reminds me of the day when, working as a uniformed guard in Cleveland Ohio, I had an employee re-enter the building and come up to me saying her car wouldn't start.
I asked a few questions as we went out: does it just click, or does it turn over without firing? What exactly is it not doing? She replied that the engine was "just not turning on".
Curious now, I asked her what kind of engine she had. She said "Gas, I think". I asked her if she thought the battery might be dead. She said no, she was pretty sure it just ran on gas.
*mentally smacked my forehead*
I then told her she may need to call a shop. (I was figuring there may be good reasons the car wasn't starting.)

Yep that's a good one Allen Wrench, bless their little pea pick-in hearts, they just don't know any better but it sure makes for good watching don't it......

One of the situations we had from time to time also was the ladies that would come in the store, (sent by their husbands......) to get either some fuel hose or vacuum hose.

(This one would always make us look at each other and grin and shake out heads........)

They would many times hold their hands up with their index fingers measuring about 4'' apart and say my husband said he needs about one foot of the hose.

We would think, poor lady been thinking that was 12'' all these years...LOL!

Sorry guy I know this is a bit crude, but it always made us laugh, ya know how it is with us fellas sometime, we find humor in the darn-dest things.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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