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Default Re: You never what you'll see at the donut shop

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
today was nice. not too cold. rode 6 miles home with msrfan and checked out his vast collection of 4 stroke motors. funny thing, all the lawns in his tract were overgrown. i think dale might be doing a little lawnmower hijacking in the middle of the night...

seriously, he's got a ton of cool stuff. could probably build 10 bikes, if he had the time...
You know baird, the neighbors used to give me their old junk until they see what I do with it. Now they keep it in hopes of building something themselves. Next time you stop by, we'll go in my back yard and I'll show you what's inside my barn, 5 sheds, tree house and under a tarp. Yes, we had a nice visit and talked about the upcoming race. Looks like it will be a winner and I'm trying to squeeze it in between project deadlines. If we can keep the momentum going with Neil and baird's races throughout the year, they will be able to keep putting them on. Just a thought. If you want to race or spectate but can't make it in person every time, I'm sure the promoters would appreciate a small donation toward the cause. A few bucks from a few people may make the difference. With help from advertisers, racers, pit crews, spectators and enthusiasts, it should be a great year.
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