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Default Re: Spark Problem!

It's possible that the magneto coil is defective. It's also possible that you do not know how to properly test a spark plug (the threads of the spark plug should touch the engine for the spark to jump). If you have a multimeter, you could test both the CDI box and the magneto coil for ohms readings. If either of those is out of range or has no continuity then it's defective. Use the google search up there on the page to find the range of value in ohms to expect. If you do not have a multimeter then double check your connections, make sure no wire is touching the frame of the bike, open the magneto cover and look for visible damage (tiny wires sometimes snap in a visible manner at the beginning of the coil). In case of doubt, don't complicate things the whole electrical system is about 30$; you might aswell just order a new one. Good luck

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