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Default Re: Schwinn Delmar First Build

I kinda figured it was the same thing. I went for my first real ride today and had a blast. I'm gonna remove the engine tomorrow and grind the rear mount to seat properly on my seat post (terrible vibration and noise when i go over 25). Unfortunatly my springer forks and hand brakes didn't come today so looks like I have to wait until monday. Does anyone know which is the proper intake to order for use with the CNS carb available on bikeberry? I hate ordering things only to have them not work, lol. I was thinking about a lighting system including blinkers today and came to the conclusion that I can use an ATV battery in my saddlebag and convert my bullet light to a 12v and get a 3-way toggle switch for the lights(off, low beam, high beam and another switch for the blinkers with a relay. I found out my buddies dad has a 1941 whizzer on a schwinn frame in his basement so I'm gonna check that out when I have the chance to mimic the style the best I can. Hoping to get these pictures uploaded tonight.

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