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Default Beware The Rip-off!


I just got done looking on ebay at all the various sellers of the engine kits and I have to say, I feel sorry for anyone who does not do at least a little homework.

One seller says "50cc engine", then right below it, it says "80cc engine" then again below that "50cc engine" again
Same seller, different item says "shipping to the lower 48 is 55 dollars", then once again below lists it at 50 dollars. Is he really that confused or is he trying to confuse?

Another guy is selling a year old engine he decided not to use and people are bidding more than the cost of a new one from my favorite seller.

Some are selling 67.5cc engines and calling them 80cc.

Glad to have at least one good, reputible seller on ebay....(thatsdax, seller ID dacscommm) and no, I am not affiliated with this seller in any way shape or form, other than direct buying experience.
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