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Default Re: Rear Gas Tank Mount Idea

Originally Posted by RoverGT View Post
Just wanted to get your thoughts on my rear mounted gas tank. I used the stock tank from a china girl kit, a Schwinn rear rack from Wal-Mart that attached to the seat post, and a drill press. The rear rack has an aluminum metal plate that is just the right width to drill out and put the tank studs through to bolt it on securely.

I've seen on here where people build tanks out of a can of pork n' beans. Mines not that inventive, but it sure cleans up the look of the bike in my personal opinion. I sure would like to know where to get cheap filler tubes and caps to make something like that. All I can find are really expensive ones ($80+).

Have a nice day.
Hello, good friend if you want my opinion then there simply will! I like this look, I do not like to see the tanks in front of the frame when it comes to a motor bike, I like to see them in the back, this tank is very Chinese, but if a friend get a scrap tank gasoline engine to take water or a water reservoir of the circuit referigeração a car is also very good, and safer than the Chinese tank, stay well
Jose Pinto
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