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Default Re: Finishing First Build - Leftover Parts??

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Here's a tutorial I made on adjusting them with excellent additions by KCvale.
Thanks for the Kudos gearnet ;-}

#11 looks a bit big for the clutch friction plate spring but it could very well be, you don't want to run without it if it is, in fact the clutch may not even disengage without it there to push the friction plate away when you pull in the clutch lever.

One spring you DON'T NEED is that long skinny one between the clutch arm on the left side of the motor and where the clutch cable sheath meets the motor on the right.
All it does is make it harder to pull the clutch in.

One spring you DO NEED is the fat long one on the clutch cable where it is right by the cylinder on the right side to keep the clutch cable from laying directly in contact with it.

If your bike is built and you can roll it with the clutch locked in and not with the clutch released you should be good.
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