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Default Re: Revising My Entire Project

Originally Posted by AustinStreets View Post
I'm curious how that roadmaster sequence build turned out? I just ordered the same bike, I was kinda worried about if it will fit right. Got any pics?

It's still kind of in progress, having gone through a few different versions. Right now the motor is out and all taken apart, so sorry, no pics today. But here's a couple of tips that may make things easier -

There was no way I could fit the motor in the frame where the carb would clear the upright frame tube, so I had to use an offset intake. I got mine from JN Motors. This makes the carb stick out to the right of the frame tube.

The reason for the changes right now is due to the twist shifters - I tried to use a Shimano thumb shifter and the twist grip throttle that came with the kit. But the gears don't line up with the shifter's detents and never worked right, so now I'm trying an All-in-One I found on eBay. The double brake solves my clutch lever dilemma, and the thumb throttle lets me reinstall the original twist shifter on the right. I know many people just move the twist-half of the shifter inboard on the handlebar and use the twist throttle, but I didn't like that setup. I'm hoping the All-in-One will be more compact and sano.

It looks like everything is going to clear just fine. The only problem I had with it is the brake light switch is junk. Unfortunately in California my motorized bicycle needs a brake light, so I'm replacing it with a better one using these instructions from Instructables.

And finally, the gas tank. Since the three cables run along the top of the frame tube you can't just bolt the gas tank down. I got some extra tank brackets for $3 from Dax and used the extra set on top of the frame tube to space the tank up enough to clear the cables. You'll need a couple of 5mm nuts between the top mount and tank, and some 5mm threaded standoffs and 5mm screws to extend the now-too-short studs on the bottom of the tank. In fact for the standoffs I think the parts I used were old PC motherboard mounting standoffs I had laying around. Unfortunately that's all apart right now so I can't take pics. Of course you could always use a Hawaiian Punch can gas tank behind the seat and avoid this altogether.

All in all it's been an interesting project that is still in the works. The problems I ran into were a pain to sort out, but after I finally figured things out the solutions were fairly cheap to fix and didn't take any major fabrication. Once it's back together I'll try and post some pics.

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