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Default Re: Finishing First Build - Leftover Parts??

1. muffler strap or chainguard strap. useless.
2. large frame adapter plate. goes with 10, u bolt for larger downtube.
3,5,and 8 look like engine case bolts. 3, case. 5, case or drive gear cover. 8, clutch cover.
4, looks like an air filter bolt.
6, rag joint bolts, or extras for muffler strap.
7. throttle assembly bolt
9. heat shield bolts?

*11. looks like the clutch spring behind the plate. you gotta take off the flower nut to get to it. this, you need. if you've got one in there already, you're ok.

12. i dunno.
13. fuel filter, screws into petcock, inside tank. semi-useless.

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