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Default Schwinn Delmar First Build

Hey everyone,

Just Got done with my first bike build. Was a fun change from the custom restoration I was doing on my atc 250sx(militarized). Anyway, So far I have the bullet light, saddle bag, 66cc flying horse and my springer forks and hand brakes will be here tomorrow. I had to replace the rear wheel and get a #41 chain because my chain tensioner slipped and shot through my wheel which was scary ****. Resolved that issue by welding the tensioner in place. I have a slight side to side wobble on the rear sprocket that Ive spent days trying to fix for days but only got it to wobble less. Also picked up the CNS carb but need a new intake manifold because my current one is too small in diameter. One concern I have is how slow the gas comes out of the tank. I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow and the results of my first real ride.

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