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Default Re: have ya' noticed

Originally Posted by BlueCollarBike View Post
I think more People need to sell the kits so we can flood the market even more.
By doing this we will be able to bring the price of the kits down even lower so everyone can afford the Mass produced China Made kits.

A $30.000 order will definitely buy me more then it did in the past.The Dang shipping is killing Everyone thou.
I'm working on a deal comming up that will make everyone VERY happy,, very shortly.



I live on a dead end road and sat 2 bikes outside with for sale signs on them in hopes of selling one. I sold both within 1 hour and the guy wants me to build him 2 more for relatives. I just ordered 2 "80cc" (if there is such a thing) BGF kits for $139.95 each, shipping was FREE. Not bad...
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