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Default Re: Tensioner on pedal side chain

in my first post I said to get the correct tension on the engine side chain the pedal chain gets too loose, if I add links, remove links on either side it wont work
engine side gets too slack, or pedal side is way to tight

So if there was a way to tension the pedal side that would allow me to keep the wheel at a 90 degree angle

My wheel is centered but top and bottom are tipped slightly if that makes sense
mine is like this \ I want this | ( exaggerated of course not that bad of an angle)

right now im like 95 degree angle in order to keep the pedal chain tight enough not to skip and fall off under hard pedaling
or imagine engine chain side in the center of the slot for the axle bolt, pedal side all the way to the rear of the slot for the axle bolt
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