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Default Tensioner on pedal side chain

Ive tried, and tried for hours a few different times to get my chains set correctly. Im using that nice kip tensioner on the engine chain and I cant use a 1/2 link because they are to wide. My master link wore a groove in the tensioner bracket so I even got rid of that.

To have perfect engine tension my pedal chain is so loose it falls off under hard pedaling.
So I have to keep the rear wheel cocked slightly so the pedal chain is tight, and the engine chain is tight.
Ive spent so much time adding a link to the engine, to find out then its way to long

taken away link on pedal, even tried a half link to find out its way to tight.

so it wouild be ideal to use a tensioner on the pedal chain, this way my rear wheel can be positioned straight.
I just saw this pic today

That looks like a tensioner. Is there someone selling this or do I have to make one. If anyone has one made can you post a pic and the parts so I can get on this.
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