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Default Re: ECO Question - Electric vs Gas

Yes sorry if I offended any one. I guess I could have used better words then "don't kid yourself". I really wasn't trying to insult any one (especially you Aleman) I have a lot of respect for all of you.

But to try and argue what I really do believe I want you guys to think about this.

Just to keep things simple lets look at the company that sells ZERO motorcycles. They say that if cost about 1 cent for ever mile you drive. Now lets pretend on our perfect motorized bicycle you were getting 150 mpg and gas costs around 4 bucks a gallon then that you pay around 2.6 cents for every mile you drive. Remember that is is comparing a motorcycle to a motorized bicycle. The ZERO obviously has far superior performance. This is in no way an accurate comparison but it helps people get an idea.

The reason I feel I need to at least try and protect the big bad coal companies is because they are putting me through school. My dad is an executive at Peabody. If any one wants to talk about it more in detail or wants specific sources for things that I have claimed then I am sure he would love to spend a day lecturing me up on all this fun stuff. Just pm me.

After all of that I can say that I probable never will get an electric bike. The china girl I have now and the builds that I am planning are just to much fun.
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