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Default Re: ECO Question - Electric vs Gas

My main reason why I prefer gas engines over electric engines is the power you can get out of them and the costs.

An electric engine producing 1000W (1.4 Horsepower) would cost me about 300$ on ebay. A chinagirl gas engine that would cost me about 175$ can do 1500W (2 Horsepower) up to 3000W (4 Horsepower) depending on the engine rpm, etc. Some engines could certainly do more than 4 Horsepower but I feel that it's a reasonable ammount (some sellers advertise 5, 6 Horsepower). That being said, the gas engine is a little more than half the costs of an electric engine including oil and gas.. for twice the power.

That being said, my chinagirl can get me uphills quite easily but I certainly wouldn't be able to do the same job with only half the power.

Also, I am studying small engine mechanics at the moment so I really like to maintain my engine anyway.
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