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Default Re: Ask a specific question

You really don't know how nasty antifreeze will screw up an engine. I've seen a 1100 hp white superior go from wide open to an instant stop and damn near rip its self off the mounts. I'm talking 14" bore big pistons and a big turbo charger this thing only truns 900 rpms and its putting out 1100 hp. When antifreeze gets into the combustion chamber it will get hot enough to form a sort of green glass. Now this may not happen on one of these samll engines but the stuff is not good to get in it if you get my drift. Flush out the antifeee jug very well water will work then a small amount of alcohol or gas will take care of the rest. This is war time conditions for a gas jug but its cheap. A small bottle of Heat will take care of the water in the jug. After pouring the heat out you can use it for a gas jug if the laws allow it there other wise you could get into deep dodo for caring gas in a non approved container. Wally world sells little 1 gal. jugs in a nice red color and they are approved for fuel and don't cost an arm or a leg. Be careful and play it safe my friend.
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