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Default Re: ECO Question - Electric vs Gas

LOL biknut!

Many people have the misconception that electric is greener than gas. The thing is, electricity is primarily generated by coal in our country, and batteries contain more dangerous pollutants than any gas engine. Not to mention, electric propulsion systems use precious metals that are currently monopolized by China.

Gas engines are arguably easier to recycle and our country's infrastructure favors gasoline-powered vehicles. Gas engines are also cheaper and modern 4-strokes put out a fraction of the pollution they used to. You can fill up at any gas station in minutes and be on your way. No lugging around a battery charger and waiting.

Also, electrics aren't necessarily more reliable. If you look at race entries vs DNFs for the last 4 motorized bicycle races, more electrics failed than gas. All that said, I don't have anything against e-bikes. But I can't help but chuckle at e-bikers who think they are being more "green" than a guy with a gas-powered bike. Time is money, and e-bikes cost more.
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