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I will chime in here and try to give you some insight, as I am still a newbie myself but with a little experience under my belt. First I will warn you not to go with that engine!!!!....the transmission thats on it is a dual chain driven mess from everything Ive read....and Ive read a ton and seen many headaches with that specific engine. At the top of the page directly under the BikeBerry advertisement there is a Google search bar that is tuned to this site, and it is worth my bikes weight in gold. If you type in "BikeBerry 5g" you will see what your getting into with that engine. I would recommend getting a EZM kit, that would be the kit that you would build onto your bike and forget. The only problem is your budget, the EZM kit usually is $600 by itself. The next step down, and Ive read that with little work, the Grubee 4GT kit is very reliable also, and ballparking the cost I think they are around $400.

Next, the need for a jackshaft shift kit. Notice I reffered to them in the same breath, a jackshaft is part of a shift kit. Personally, I would never have a need for one. If this is going to be your first build I would suggest you stay away from it also. Its more parts being built onto your bike that may fail. Im not nocking your mechanical ability, my build tested my mechanical ability to be light on my feet and constantly problemsolve. I just now have gotten the bike to where I think it is "probably" reliable. Keep in mind my bike is a 2 stroke also and I would recommend you go with a 4 stroke to avoid the problems I and many other members have encountered. My next build is going to be a Harbor Freight 99cc Predator 4 stroke, I will be starting it in a couple of weeks. Any how back to the point, less parts = less problem solving, keep it simple for your first build and save the jackshaft shift kit for your next bike if you think you will need it after building your first. You will be suprised as to the capabilities of the motor once you have it on your bike.

Last word of advice from me. This is going to be something you get very attached to, pick a bike you like and can fit your engine. If you prefer the look of a mountain bike go with that or vice versa. If you do go with a mountain bike to begin with later on you could just add your jackshaft shift kit to it, if you decided you need it. The more time you spend here the more you will notice everyone here being addicted to build their bikes. You may build a bike that most certainly will never be done.

Anyhow, I hope I have been some insight to the questions you have, trust me you will have plenty more everyday. Use that search feature I mentioned earlier, it will answer many of your questions without you haveing to ask. Good Luck!
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