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What I mostly need to know is about the jackshaft.
Should I buy a mountain bike with all the gears and a jackshaft to use them,
or will I be okay with just the motor kit and a cruiser bike? Cause the cruiser bike only has one back gear, so why would I need a jackshaft or shifter kit to use extra gears when the cruiser doesnt have extra like the mountain bike..
And does it matter whether I have a 2 stroke or four stroke engine, with either a jackshift or shifter kit, and which bike should I put it on?I need someone who understands this to point me in the right direction please. Do I need a jackshaft in my situation or will I be okay without it?
Cause the only Shiftkit/jackshaft kit I can find are these ones:

and they are all pretty expensive, especially if I'll be needing the 4 stroke one. is there Any cheaper option? last Time I looked into building one I seem to remember jackshafts being quite a bit cheaper.

Also, is a jackshaft and a shift kit the same thing? Ahhh Some one clear this crap up for me please

and its pretty expensive. I'd like to be able to shift gears and get more out of the motor if I can.
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