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Default Need some help

Hi guys,

I have been interested in motorized bicycles since I was a kid, and I've finally decided to build one because I will be starting college soon and it will be a great way to save gas. I'm still in my planning phase of the project, (and also waiting on my tax returns to come back so i will have funding for the project)
Any ways, I was hoping you guys could take a look at the bike and engine I have picked out, and maybe tell what a jackshaft is and how it can help me out. Also, if you have any recommendations of a cheaper/better engine, or any tips that can help me at all, please don't hesitate to post. I am a newbie and this is my first build ever. I appreciate any and all help. So:

This is the engine I am looking at buying:

I really want a four stroke because I don't wanna always have to buy oil too, and go through the trouble of mixing, Plus I like the sound of the 4 stroke better :] I would like to just be able to put gas in and go.

this is the bike I was considering,

but Im still open to debate and I was hoping you guys could recommend some bikes to me as well. i was kinda waning a mountain bike, but I was thinking a cruiser sort would be easier to build. More importantly, will the engine I was wanting fit on the bike I want? And is it nessecary to get the jackshaft?

I don't have any idea what a jackshaft does and I was hoping someone could give me a link to a good one, and also whether the jackshaft would work better on a mountain bike or cruiser, and whether I really need it or not. It said if you live near alot of hills you might need one. I do live around alot of hills. But why does the jackshaft help that?

overalll, My goal of what I want to get out of this is to be really fuel effieceint. I was watching a video that said there are some uprades and aftermarket parts I could get to improve engine performance. If so, what Might those parts be and can I fit it in my budget? link to parts would be great

Overall, my Budget is 600$ tops. I can't go a dollar higher. So if you guys could help me come up with the best I can do for that, I would really appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance
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