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Default Re: Greetings from memphis, tn

Hi Gearnut & L R Jerry.
I've enjoyed this site so far. Wish I had more time to spend on it. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained here about motorized bikes, for sure. My very first motor bike was a Simplex Servic Cycle. My grandfather got it for me on my 14th birthday. He was an ole motorcycle rider. He had an Excelsior/Henderson, made, by Schwinn, about the same time as my vintage Schwinn Henderson was made. He told me about how most motorcycles of that day were sold without lights and that he went down to the local hardware and bought a carbide light for his headlight. He also bought a driver's license and tag at the hardware for two bits. Ah, the good old days. That was the same time that we worked to get the "limited Driver's license" law passed. All the boys were riding Cushmans or Allstates (Cushmans), but grand daddy said I wasn't gonna ride no "wheat thrasher" so he got me the Simplex.
Haven't heard about the Electric assist law, but I know that before long, a lot more folks will be riding bicycles, just like in the UK and Asia. The fuel cost will demand it. Good talking with you fellas.
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