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Originally Posted by Motorvator View Post
Hello everyone, my name is Chad and I come from the bicycle industry. I actually still work in the industry. I am very interested in creating my version of what a motorized bicycle should be, and hope to change some of your minds about your bicycle set ups. Inversely, I need to know about motors. It seems to me there is not a whole lot of difference from one motor to the next, and am trying to decide which to get. I definately want a chain drive as I will be using a disc brake hub to bolt a king cog to, so the simplicity of the cheap 2 stroke motors is very appealing. I don't want to spend more than 200.00 on a motor, but am very open to a four stroke motor that installs the same way as the 2 strokes do. I definately DO NOT want a friction drive, as I believe from my experience in loaded touring, that is way too much weight on the back of the bicycle and I do plan on laying this thing over through the turns flat track style. So, which engine for around 200?
If your budget for engine only is $200, you can buy 2hp-6hp engines for much less than that.

Then it's up to you and your friends' skills and more $$ to harness that awesome power. The more skills and access to resources you have, the less your motorized bike will cost you. Let's see, the clutch, jackshaft and the right combination of sprockets will power you down the road with great speed. Of course, the rest of your bike would be built with stronger brakes, wheels, etc. to safely harness the beast.

You weren't thinking of a $200 build, were you?
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