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Default Re: Greetings from memphis, tn

L R Jerry. (sorry bout the larry before)

You have stated the law correctly and I think I paraphrased it correctly in my first reply. The phrase "automatic transmission" as applied in this law, means a source of power transmission that does not involve the operator having to change drive to driven ratios manually. It was language carried over from the 1950's, for the "limited driver's license" law, in Tennessee, that allowed those of age 14 years thru 16 years to ride motor scooters, that all had centrifugal clutches. These limited licenses restricted the holders to operating hours of 6a.m. - 8p.m. and travel limits of 8 miles from home, and a horse power of 5 or less. I had a hand in getting this law passed. In those days there was no insurance requirements, but your ride had to have a registration and license tag.
Thanks for your reply., Greasy
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