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Default Re: Greetings from memphis, tn

Hello L R Larry

As I read the law in Tennessee concerning "motorized Bicycles". A motorized bicycle is a bicycle, (with pedals) and with a motor with a displacement of 49cc or less and having no more than 2 BHP. (the bike I wrote about has a 66cc engine and is not covered by this law, and as such cannot be operated on any public roadway legally). However, the vehicle described by this law, maybe be operated on a public roadway, except an expressway, or a highway that is four lane, and/or divided or on a sidewalk. The driver must wear an approved helmet, have eye protection, and have a valid driver's license with a "D" endorsement. ("M" is not required) No insurance, registration or license plate is required, but can be obtained if so desired.
This infomation can be found under, Tennesse Laws for "Motorized Bicycles"

Thanks for your reply, Greasy
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