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Default Re: Electric = Motor.........Gasoline = Engine

OH COME ON! who thought spelling "sword" with a W was a good idea? Or! OR creating the word "lisp" just so folks with one, could not say it!?

Originally Posted by Dan

[rant] Stupid (read above my abilities) English language. We have three to's (to, too and two) and two fours (four and for) And the word lisp is unpronounceable for folks who have one. I ain't never gonna get it. Or not (Knot?) Who's idea was it to spell sword with a W!? Try saying sword with a lisp!!!! People ask "toward what?" Makes ya wanna hide in a grassy knoll with a high powered potato gun and a bull horn[end/rant]

Sorry! Still working on a speech thing and I get excited.
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