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Default Re: Electric = Motor.........Gasoline = Engine

I'm with you on this Dan....LOL!

To me this exchange about " is an engine a motor " is just a fun thing to discus, at the end of the day, to me it really doesn't matter that much, I will throw the " WHAT....!" flag though the first time I hear someone say that the blower fan in their car is not working so they are gonna go get a new (blower engine) at the parts house for it...........LOL!

Growing up around several Mechanical, Industrial and electrical Engineers I was told by them that I.C.E. is many times referred to as a Motor, but calling it that is actually incorrect, but just like everyone else I've still been guilty of it and don't see that it really matters, it's like the "drive on a parkway, park on a driveway thing" just something to kick around a bit and have a little fun with I guess....LOL!

One of my Grandfathers lost a leg in a farming accident and was limited in what he could do for a living afterwards so he started a small engine repair shop in which he also repaired & by hand rewound electric motors, repaired well pumps, he fixed about everything actually, he would always correct me and make it "very clear" to me as I worked with him growing up that, I.C.E.'s were engines because they created their own power stand alone with the components require for internal combustion, and that a motor require power to be fed into it inorder for it to function, such as an electric motor needing electricity, or an Pnuematic motor needing compressed air.

All I truely know is that if it has a Motor on it, or if it has an Engine on it and if I can get on it or in it and it will Motor me down the road, across the pasture, down the river or through the air......I'm IN...........! I like them all no matter what we call them.....!

Peace, map

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
This sort of thing drives me insane. I was in Grangers and had brought an ICE motorized bicycle in. 4 guys behind the counter and at least as many customers stopped and were looking. (Man! those are the kinda folks to listen to for ideas. They came up with a ton of thoughts!) But one of the counter guys was one of the first people to introduce me to "engine/motor" concept. I asked about an alternate motor. The thought, there at least was an engine was ICE and electric was a motor. Drive on a parkway. Park on a driveway and Hawaii has interstate highways.

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