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Default Re: Anyone farmiliar with this carb?

I agree about not wanting another cable on the bars, and yes $12 for shipping is a bit steep on it as well considering it will probably ship for $4, I'm not really interested in buying this carb. I was just curious if anyone else had one because I thought it looked a lot like the RT but having the choke cable is what made me curious about whether it was just a different version of the RT carb. or not.

Speaking of the extra cables on the bars, I've considered shortening the cable so it will allow the choke lever to be mounted just under or close to the seat rather than being on the bars, I have one of the older CNS carbs still new in the box that I have thought about putting on one of my future engine builds just to see if I can ever get it to work the way I want it to, heard lots of bad about them in the past and I hate that junk bushing that came with it, thats one of the reasons it's been sitting with the rest of my spare parts for the last 2 years, I planned to machine a good and just never got around to it, maybe I'll just get one of the little Billet intakes for the CNS and trash that bushing in the future and then see if I can make the thing run worth having, all my old NT carb just work so dang good once I soldered and redrilled the jets, I just never could bring myself to mess with the CNS, Shrug...

Thanks for the input fellas

Peace, map
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