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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I had a good day today. I fooled around with my grubee bike, and replaced the boost bottle hose. It has been sitting in storage, so I dusted it off and went over things.

The spark boot is toast. I think I figured out why so many of these bikes have ignition problems. I never really noticed till now, but I think the stock boot is made to clip on the threads of the spark plug, not to "pop" on there and use the ball tip. Mine had arc burns and the boot rubber was all crusted up. At least I have the CDI that lets the wire just screw right off. I'll pick up a new proper wire and boot tomorrow from the motorcycle shop.

I've heard bikers say "It is what it is." Is that like "Cies't la vie" (Such is life), or more like "s* happens"? I think the motorized bicycle motto should be "It is what it does." ;-)
I was thinking I didn't really like this bike anymore, but I pedaled it around the block, and it felt good, bouncing on big fat tires, and I like the looks of it.
Still not as fun as my Tanaka bike!

I saw someone use a penny soldered to the plug wire before. I tried it, and it didn't hold up. I guess they used a real copper penny and cleaned it really well.
A proper boot and wire will be loads better though, and I might be able to use my $10 computer again without it going haywire. ahhaha. I lost track of the miles on this thing because it was always resetting.

The china kits are fun, but a PITA. It's so worth it though when I'm chugging along, grinning like a kid.
I think I'll keep an eye out for an old mtn bike to swap all these parts too, then it will be like a new bike! (3 speed front, dual v's, maybe a shock). Something to dream about tonight.

My food tastes better when I think about bikes, when I ride somewhere I can still see the stars at night, and when it only costs a couple bucks to fill up.
1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.
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