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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Finished putting my 66cc china girl back on my bike that already has my staton 33.5cc friction drive. Due to having the extra weight of another engine, theres alot more vibration when i run the china girl but I'm lookin' into that. Im using the sbp universal front motor mount and it doesn't make much of a difference due to all the extra weight of the other motor but its a wip(work in progress). I got a 1 gallon tank from thatsdax...and its huge!...and dirty. Had to clean it out as usual. It takes up nearly every bit of room between my handlebar post and the front of my seat. I may upgrade my pedal crank arms to a wide crank. My knees slightly brush the sides of the tank. She runs once more though! I've got good ol' permatex gasket sealer in between the gaskets and mating surfaces. Gonna work on gettin' her to idle. I used the damp pro stuff, and after i noticed it was interfering a bit with the flower nut, i cut a little bit out of the center and now its good. It doesn't stop the rubbin' noise of the flower nut on the cover. I've got a few ideas(duct tape, electrical tape, maybe a few cotton balls, or foam underneath the tape). Next step, work on the idle. Probably need to solder the jet and drill it a bit smaller. Also i'm lookin' at trailers. I may buy a kid carrier and modify it or just buy a cargo trailer. Gonna go campin' in a lil' under two months. Can't wait for the trip.
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