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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I am weary of using the tire spoons for the last bit of putting the tire on. I use it to get as much as 1 foot of bead left. Then I just use the palms of my hands.

I'm not saying you damaged it using tools at all, just this is what I have always done to avoid pinching the tube, but maybe it also may be better for the tire bead too?

I also have a big container of pure talc that I got from Tap Plastics and it I use liberally on the tube and inside the tire. I then spread it with a rag and use compressed air to blast off most of it leaving a fine coating everywhere. The spoke protector band I also use it on.

When I pump the tire up first I go about enough to press the bead in but not enough to ride on. I then deflate fully and do that again. I used my hand to with it at a very low pressure to use my cupped hands to push the tire into the rim and seating the bead. Alas another time and up to full pressure. Extra work but I do it.

Many of the tires how I see many of them in the stores I don't like the slightest deformation in the bead. Maybe I pick through them and find one or just go elsewhere. I may hear them say the folded tires do not damage the bead. I wonít buy one that is sold in a package folded and they sell them that way.

If I took a long trip and had to take an extra tire, I would find a way of leaving it uncompressed or bended in any way.

You should see if there is any warranty or if the store will do a good will gesture, canít hurt to try.

Glad to hear youíre OK!

Oh yea forgot to say I just use real spoons from the kitchen that have a nice rounded edge and are wide enough to spread pressure out. The ones I saw sold have not so much rounded edges I think thatís not right.

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