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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That's just it there is something I am missing here? Because I have had way better luck with skinny rims. I am going to mebbe try laying a hose or something in of sorts to simulate a skinny rim? Keeping the tire scrunched closer together. But that is pretty much what I did without putting something to hold it there. The bead sat tight enough once on . ''the first one'' it sat where I wanted it to. As for tube? I could have thrown that over my shoulder and tried putting these tires on with out them in the equitation that ain't it. My tube did not blow out . It was the tire bead that gave away!

I have had tires that I did not need any pry tools at all and I have had tires that needed them. I had a buddy help me with my rear tire. The same model I ran all summer. It has a wire bead. It took two sets of hands. He broke his plastic china tire spoons as well. I told him not to use them but he insisted his are gone as well. The only ones that worked were my steel ones that I constructed..
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