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Default Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

re: WRL Creek trail extension. I have ridden on that before, but at off-peak hours, or else just putting along. I don't know if motor assisted bicycles are technically allowed or not, but I've putted past a few cops on there and nothing happened. They paused in their squad cars like they were checking it out, then went on their way.

WRL is kind of the Central Park of Dallas though, so you could catch trouble quick if joggers whip out their phones and lodge a complaint. A lot of people that frequent there are rich homeowners in the area, too, and lawyers and politicians abound.

$200 for a road bike seat? I don't know what catalogue they are shopping, must have got it from Richardson Bike Snob, I mean Bike Mart.

I love road bicycling, but the ferrarri wannabe bike companies are so full of hype it's puke-worthy. The Bicycling magazines are full of "Think Assymetric" ads for some ugly carbon fiber whoopdedoo that looks like it melted in the back of a hot SUV.

$5000 microwaved bike poop.

If I won this bike in a sweepstakes, I'd EBAY it for a few bucks off, and buy an old Honda MC. lol.
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