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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I am rethinking the equitation. I had to make tire spoons for these rims out of an old forged steel s shaped box wrench. I could use a cleaner approach to putting these tires on! These are the hardest tire rim combo I have ever come across.

I gotta find better spoons and the cheesy plastic spoons from the bike shop go to crumbs at these no matter how much finesse. Good forged steel spoons or something. My spoon combo needs more inventing. I will prolly have to invent them in the garage at the bench grinder.. Man I hate narfing a pretty rim too. I sure can't see buying another set of frail ones from the bike shop. I am too tired to even look at it tonight. I am thinking mebbe I hurt the bead putting the tire on? I did soap up this pig good and slippery and talk dirty to it! I tried to be kind to it and really take my time lol.
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