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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well got my forks put in. Had to dish my front wheel a bit were it was meant to be . Missed that part when I put the rim on. No biggie. My fork rake caster was perfect! Got everything dialed in wheel perfectly straight etc. I thought I would go with a felt thick Brick tire 24X3.0. So that is what I used.

Ran the tire a little low around the block like I always do to help seat the bead. Then aired it up to my usual preferred pressure about 40 psi. Did about 15 miles of errands grocery store etc. Was pulling into the hardware store parking lot when I got a rubbing noise in the front. I was going 10 mph or so slow at the time and quickly hit the rear brake to a immediate stop!

To my amazement the bead blew out of the tire and the tube popped out to the tune of a basket ball size on the very next pass of the front wheel. First thing I did was just stood there shocked staring at potential causes then looked for the valve core to let some pressure out. That's when I hesitated for a moment. Boom!! nice loud gun shot noise. I know this rim inside out by now. So gotta blame the tire. It was this type design and does not have a wire bead..

I ordered up some Maxis Hook Worms they are rated for more tire pressure and have a wire bead . Can't say as I am impressed with that Thick Brick tire. I could have lost my life or been crippled at a faster speed. Honestly I did not use a pressure gauge on it. I aired it up at home in my usual way I have done fore years I give the tire a squeeze e and I am always shy of 40 psi when I get a gauge out.

Mebbe there is a different rule set with these larger tires? like a hand squeeze don't feel the same as before? Yet i was running this size tire aired up hard on the rear for up to 5000 miles before. Although these rims are pretty wide and I do use a much larger tube now as a result.

I shore liked the way they felt an handled. This whole ditty God Must've been looking out for me. All I can say is I feel very lucky. Any speed over the bars onto the pavement is just crippling been there done it before. I don't want to think about that ever again.

So now I am counting my blessings and rethinking things. I think the Hook Worms are a wise choice.
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