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Default Re: Ask a specific question


As usual I have a prefix because no one would ever guess where this comes from otherwise and the little men in white might just be dispatched to my house. They know the address already.

Anyway, I have a basket on the front of my bike. I need gas at the moment. No not in the bike in my gas can. My gas can is too big so I'm looking around for something that will hold about a gallon. Oh course i have empty antifreeze bottles in my shop. I know everyone else throws theirs out but I carry water in mine now and then.

Anyway, I decided to clean one out and use it to ride the bike to a gas station and fill it up. But then I got to wondering. What would happen if a couple of oz of antifreeze got mixed with the gas. Since it is kind of an alcohol would it burn or contaminate the gas so much that it would never burn again.

Come on somebody has to know from experience.
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