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Default Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Well Happy, I would like to suggest that by focusing on & quoting only the first half of my statement, you may have missed the point.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
it just annoys me mostly because their aggressive indifference makes all bicyclists look bad, folks will never even notice the passive pedaler cruising along happily, the one who though not required by law - moves over as much as they can to let folks pass, be it out of courtesy, a simple sense of self preservation - or both...
Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I've never spoken to her and probably never will, we've both places to be & I'm usually late (ironic as that may be w/the motor an' all)... but I'd like to thank her for reminding me of some things I'd nearly forgotten, how much a simple smile will serve you, how far a little courtesy will carry you, that not all 'dexters are pretentious pricks just as not all MBers are weedwacker wackos... but it might take only the one to change public perception. Most importantly - it makes no nevermind at all what you wear, ride or how much you spent, it's what you do that earns real respect.
Naturally not all bicyclists are so indifferent to others that they would at best inconvenience and at worst endanger others, but as a bicyclist myself I must say the dubious practice of "claiming the lane" when you simply cannot keep up with the rest of traffic, then ignoring, even refusing to begrudge even a modicum of additional room to allow traffic to pass safely even for a moment - this is what is noticed and resented by many ...and remembered.

We all share the roads, the keyword being share.
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