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Default Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
Of course they "ride side by side and take up the whole lane", because it's their lane, where they are in it! Drive right, and pull over to the other lane entirely, and pass sensibly. Cyclists (You should know!) don't have a duty to split lanes with a vehicle that can't fit 2 to a lane! And if you've ever hit a big crack in the road or some other crap in the road, on a 2 wheeler, you'd know why they don't hug the curb and worry about your hamburger getting cold.
The lane I'm referring to is next to their huge bike lane! The only way to pass them on some of the roads would be to drive in the bike lane!

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
re: Life's to short to worry about impressing people that don't even matter!

Maybe that is their mantra as they enjoy their weekly ride away from the daily grind.
If they're enjoying it, then why don't they smile? LOL
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