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Cool Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

It's called a peloton, and it's awesome. The shoulders are usually narrow and full of debris, and not functional for a group of fast road cyclists. Roadies draft off each other and take turns "pulling" at the front, and also compete for rank on hills. I enjoy road cycling a lot in the summer and a few theme rides. They ride 2 abreast because....Why not. One cyclist in his lane is IN HIS OWN LANE, so if he want's to split it with another cyclist, that's great.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I live in a tiny rural community, there's not much of a bike scene of any sort. We do have the weekend warriors, decked out in sponsored spendex on their billion dollar bikes & yea, they're pretty snotty, they tend to cause a bit of resentment by ignoring the shoulder & riding two abreast, blocking traffic - they seem to think that as they've spent so much to "be in the scene" they're somehow entitled to do as they please, the laws of physics need not apply as the cars stack up behind them. They're known to make assorted hand gestures - but returning a friendly wave isn't one of them... unless you're sporting at least a few thousand in carbon fiber ofc.

Whatever, to each their own - it just annoys me mostly because their aggressive indifference makes all bicyclists look bad, folks will never even notice the passive pedaler cruising along happily, the one who though not required by law - moves over as much as they can to let folks pass, be it out of courtesy, a simple sense of self preservation - or both... heck, even I was beginning to associate shrink wrap shorts with simply stunning stupidity.

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