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Wink Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Nice......I'd go with a shorter fuse tho

Don't worry, you won't smoke that clutch.....although it might feel like it. Just remember to lube the oil-lite bearing frequently and yeah, a 60t rear sprocket wouldn't hurt either.

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
The chain from ACE Hardware has surprisingly good quality for only costing $13. It is well worth the wait to special order.

The maiden voyage around the neighborhood was awesome! She has a brisk top speed and the ride is soooo vibration free compared to my Chinagirl. I am afraid I will end up smoking the clutch climbing the hill though. It was slipping the whole way up and I was pedaling like mad to match the bike's speed with the lock up speed of the clutch. It never happened. I did pass another guy who was huffing and puffing, slowly pedaling up the hill though. I am sure he had some colorful thoughts about me as I flew past him.

Perhaps I should get a 60 tooth sprocket and do the whole machine/ weld/ drill thing to it.....

After enjoying the ride I worked some more on my MagLight battery holder.
It was an old 3 cell size D battery one. Now it's a 4 cell battery holder that will be water tight and easy to mount and blend into the bike.

I got some Alumiweld rod from Harbor Freight to attach the top cap, and soon I will close up the switch hole too.
I have never used Alumiweld before. It is easy to use. I recommend anyone who needs to to a simple repair or non structural joint on aluminum to give it a try. Who knows, I might just try my hand at fabricating an aluminum gas tank in the future.

Here's some pics of it. I know, I know it looks like a pipe bomb. ~ I didn't think of that until after I took the pictures and checked them out on my computer.

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