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Default Re: Pull Start for 80cc chinese engine

Originally Posted by darkhawk22 View Post
I just received a pull start kit from Pirate Cycles and when I went to install it I noticed that I had a lock washer and then a nut on the shaft. I removed these leaving the lock washer on then putting the metal part as it should go securing with the original nut. The Pawl as it looks like it's called moves freely and does not hit the magnet screws as it is far enough off thanks to the original lock washer. However; when I complete the install and pull the cord out, it refuses to go back in. Any ideas? When I take the main cover back off the cord retracts as it should.
It sounds like there's just enough pressure on that from that lock nut. If you remove the screws, holding it on, just enough to loosen it and give it more freedom, and it works OK, then there is too much pressure on that pawl. Put something thinner in there instead or remove the lock nut altogether and see if that makes a difference.

If it does stick out just far enough and you don't want to remove the lock nut, you could always grind a little metal off the spinner thing.
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